Empires & Puzzles: Success Strategies for All Modes

Empires & Puzzles RPG Quest, created by Small Giant Games, is a fantastic puzzle-adventure MMORPG where you carefully employ your methods and tactics to overcome the adversary or opponents. While battling the dragons, you will be able to call a variety of heroes and collect additional cards. Without further ado, here are some pointers on how to develop into the famous player. It’s all really thrilling.

1. Remember All Elements

Knowing how much damage you can inflict on your opponent is essential if you’re playing PvP since keeping in mind the concepts of strength and weakness will be useful. Use the proper combination that your opponent is susceptible to to your benefit.

2. Focus on Battle Items and Troops

You may take part in the campaign mode of Empires and Puzzle, although it’s preferable to wait until later to do so. You may move on to campaign mode and level up and get better stuff once you’ve become used to the controls and gameplay flow. Heroes may also be revived, which is a useful ability during some boss battles. Get the most strong soldiers possible to ease your workload.

3. Build Your Watchtower

A Watchtower is essential for PvP since it makes the game more challenging and gives you access to additional resources. Even if you may fight with your soldiers, it’s more enjoyable to increase the difficulty and gain a higher reward this way. Test out several strategies to determine which you find to be more effective.

4. Join an Alliance

Once you’ve reached level four, you’ll be able to join an Alliance and have more possibilities to fight Titans, albeit you’ll need a few other Alliance members to do so. While battling the foes, make things more enjoyable by cooperating.

5. Want Premium Currency?

Don’t forget to periodically check out the chests on the left side of the screen since you might discover valuable items there, such as gems, and you can unlock them by completing the progress bar. You must construct a Watchtower for the Heroes Chest and have or be a member of an Alliance in order to get perks. Check out Wanted Missions if you want to earn premium cash by accomplishing this.

6. Finish the Daily Quest

Take part in tasks once you have reached level 10 in your character. Using the Quest Map, you may locate your new tasks, but keep in mind that it will take you some time and effort to accomplish them all. Always finish your daily quests to receive your rewards, which include the rare resources you’ve been waiting for. You can do some cutting-edge enhancements with them.

7. Be Smart and Grind

You will require more resources as you go through the game, including additional food, materials for upgrades, and iron. It will be considerably quicker to finish if you utilize Autoplay to replay some previous levels in order to obtain the necessary resources.

8. Place Your Heroes in the Right Order for PvP

The way your Heroes are positioned can greatly influence the amount of harm you can do to your opponent’s health. Make sure your middle hero is in front, where they won’t be as susceptible. To function as a tank, you might try placing your high-defense heroes in the center.

That concludes our list of Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest tips and techniques. If you have any other recommendations, please let us know in the comments. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any tips or strategies for how to become the dominating warrior and win the battle. We hope you find this tutorial to be helpful.

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