Boxing Star Tips & Tricks

Even while boxing appears straightforward, it requires a great deal of consistency in timing your strikes. In Boxing Star, the ideal mobile mind game, courage is a requirement, and every round counts. We are here to provide some advice on how to win. You’ll begin as an amateur and gradually advance to become one of the top fighters. Here are a few pointers and techniques to help you out.

1. Pay strict attention to your stamina and change your attacks frequently

Avoid repeating the same move again since your adversary will always know what’s coming next, keeping them guessing about your next play. To keep your opponent guessing, switch up how you deliver your hooks, jabs, and uppercuts instead of just dancing around him. Attacking initially and then using Counter Punches to disable your opponent is the best course of action.

Attack the opponent with several uppercuts whenever he is off balance, then immediately after, use your “Hyper Skill.” While implementing a new plan, try to avoid being predictable and vary your approaches as much as you can. Keep an eye out for your stamina, which is shown underneath your health meter.

2. Practice, earn skill points and make a skill set

After some training, you’ll be able to access the skill points that will allow you to learn Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Specials, and Stances. You can buy all of your abilities, and once you do, you may fill them with various skill sets.

Different colors are used to correct each talent. The “Counter Master” is connected to green, which is stronger than orange, which is tied to orange, which is tied to the “Lucky Puncher,” which is stronger than purple, and so forth.

3. Get in the League

You may take part in League matches and earn Star Points by triumphing in various types of battles. A League Box will be given to you as you advance to higher League rankings. Try to gather as many boxes as you can, and the only way you can accomplish so is by taking part in League games.

4. Always be on top of your sponsorship portion

You will receive prize boxes containing equipment after each win. You may equip a new piece of equipment by selecting “Manage” from the main menu’s “Gear” option. Keep a tight check on your sponsors, so if you gather for “String Bee,” for instance, be sure to fill its equipment.

Make careful to gather every piece of the set; after you do, you will receive a unique additional piece as a prize. Since it will always be listed in a collection list so you can never lose it, you don’t need to bring the item about with you or store it in your inventory. Don’t be afraid to part with a piece of equipment so you can improve.

5. Socialize as much as you can!

You may connect your account to Facebook and receive more Gold if you choose to be social. Make sure to take a snapshot of each victory and send it to your friends; doing so will even win you more S-Coins! You may purchase new “Swank” varieties using S-Coins, including “Cribs,” “Entourages,” and “Wheels.”

While Cribs assists you in obtaining those additional coins, Entourage will grant you one Bonus each day. Wheels will shorten the amount of time you have to wait to open Delivery Packages, so that may be useful.

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